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Hi Everyone

Happy Independence to one and all. Today I am presenting before you a Tricolor Sandwich. Tricolor consists of three colors Saffron, White and Green which represents our (Indian) National Flag.

Upper Layer i.e. Saffron Color symbolizes Strength and Courage of Country. Middle Layer i.e. White Color symbolizes Peace and Truth. Lower Layer i.e. Green Color symbolizes Fertility, Growth and Auspiciousness of the Land. Middle Layer has one Chakra i.e. Ashok Chakra

This is very small tribute to my Country from my side.

Vande Matram

Equipments Used –

  1. Grater – for grating carrot (Ganesh Vegetable Dicer,12 Cutting Blades, Green)
  2. Measuring Cups (Baking Measurement Measuring Cups And Spoons Set 8 pcs)

Serving – 4                                    Prep Time – 20 Mins                                  Cook Time – 5 Mins

Ingredients –

    1. Finely Chopped Cabbage – 2 Cups
    2. Grated Carrot – 2 Cups
    3. Mayonnaise – 4 Tbsp. (Funfoods Mayo Veg 275g)
    4. Mint and Coriander Chutney – 4 Tbsp.
    5. Bread – 12 Nos.

Method –

  1. Carrot Paste – mix grated carrot and mayonnaise in a bowl and prepare a smooth paste.
  2. Cabbage Paste – mix cabbage and mint and coriander chutney in another bowl and prepare a smooth paste.
  3. Now take breads and cut the sides of it and divide each bread into two parts.
  4. Take one divided portion of the bread and apply cabbage paste on it and cover it with other bread.
  5. Now apply carrot paste on the upper side of the covered bread and cover it with another bread.

{For making one sandwich it will require 3 breads}




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