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BISCUIT ROLLS – Recipe No. 24

Marie Biscuits are loved by everyone. Many of us take this biscuits with tea. So let’s make something different from this biscuits which also we can take with tea i.e. Biscuit Rolls. Actual Biscuit Rolls are made from biscuits, cocoa powder, desiccated coconut and few other ingredients and it is also known as Swiss Rolls.

But today I have made it in a very simple manner by using only four ingredients that are biscuits, condensed milk, butter and nutella. Biscuit Rolls can be eaten as dessert or snack.


  1. Grinder
  2. Rolling Pin

Time – 1-2 Hours


  1. Marie Lite Biscuits – 20-25
  2. Condensed Milk – 1 Cup
  3. Melted Butter – 2 Tbsp.
  4. Nutella – for spreading



  1. Crush biscuits into a fine powder in the grinder
  2. Sieve the powder so that any piece of biscuit left can be removed.
  3. Take a bowl and add in biscuit powder, condensed milk and melted butter and prepare dough.
  4. Take aluminum foil and grease it with butter.
  5. Roll dough into a large disk.
  6. Evenly spread Nutella on it and start rolling it (don’t roll foil with it) and seal the edges with the foil and keep it in freezer for at least 1 hour.
  7. Remove it from freezer and cut it into rolls and serve.



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