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RAVA TOAST – Recipe No. 44

Rava Toast also known as an Eggless French Toast which is very easy recipe to make. It is very quick breakfast recipe. It requires only few ingredients which are easily available at home.

Whenever you are in hurry and you have no time to make anything for breakfast, then rava toast recipe will help you a lot. It can also serve as a Best Tiffin (Lunch Box) Recipe for your kids. They will love it. This recipe can save lot of your time because it can serve your two purposes i.e. your breakfast and your kid’s tiffin (Lunch Box), both of which are prepared at the same time.

Prep Time – 10 Mins            Cook Time – 20 Mins           Total Time – 30 Mins            Serving – 8

Ingredients –

  1. Rava (Suji or Semolaina) – 1 Cup
  2. Finely Chopped Green Bell Pepper – ¼ Cup (Red or Yellow Bell Pepper can also be taken)
  3. Finely Chopped Onions – ¼ Cup
  4. Red Chilli Flakes – 1 Tbsp. or adjust according to taste
  5. Oregano – 1 Tbsp.
  6. Salt to Taste
  7. Curd – ½ Cups
  8. Bread Slice – 8
  9. Butter for Toasting

Method –

  1. Take rava in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add in finely chopped green bell pepper and onions
  3. Add in red chilli flakes, oregano and salt
  4. Add curd and mix all ingredients properly.
  5. Take bread slice and spread rava mixture on it evenly.
  6. Grease butter on flat pan and place mixture side of bread first and toast until it turns lightly brown.
  7. Now flip bread and apply more butter on pan and toast other side of bread.
  8. Now cut rava toast into pieces and serve it with tomato ketchup or MINT & CORIANDER CHUTNEY.


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Breakfast · Indian · Parantha


Paneer Parantha is a Stuffed Indian Flatbread made of wheat flour, paneer, garlic, green chillies and some spices. It is very popular parantha in India. It can be eaten in breakfast or lunch or dinner. It is very healthy option also. It is very tasty and easy recipe. Paneer Parantha can be served with Curd, Tomato Ketchup, Green Chutney or any type of Pickle.

Prep Time – 20 Mins             Cook Time – 30 Mins             Total Time – 50 Mins            Servings – 10 Paranthas

Ingredients –

  1. Grated Paneer – 2 ½ Cups
  2. Finely Chopped Garlic – 1 ½ Tbsp.
  3. Finely Chopped Green Chillies – 1 Tbsp.
  4. Salt to Taste
  5. Black Pepper Powder – 1 Tbsp.
  6. Wheat Flour – 2 Cups
  7. Ghee (Clarified Butter) – 1 ½ Tbsp. + For Cooking Parantha
  8. Salt – 1 ½ Tsp.
  9. Water for Kneading Soft Dough

Method –

  1. Take Wheat Flour in a plate and add in salt and ghee.
  2. Knead soft dough with the help of water and keep it aside for resting.
  3. Take a grated paneer in a mixing bowl.
  4. Add in chopped garlic and chopped green chillies.
  5. Add salt and black pepper powder and mix all ingredients well.
  6. Divide dough into small balls.
  7. Take one ball at a time and dust flour on the dough ball.
  8. Roll the dough with the help of a rolling pin to a circle of 3-4 diameters.
  9. Place paneer stuffing in center of circle and cover it with the dough and roll it again to give shape of parantha.
  10. Heat flat pan and put Parantha on it and cook both sides with the help of ghee till it changes color to golden brown.
  11. Serve Parantha with Curd.


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There are various ways to prepare Dal Dhokli like Gujarati Dal Dhokli and Rajasthani Dal Dhokli. Gujarati Dal Dhokli is sweet one and Rajasthani Dal Dhokli is a spicy one. It is a traditional recipe in which savory dumplings made of wheat flour and gram flour simmered in two different types of dal. It is a complete meal in itself. It is my favorite.

Prep Time – 15 Mins              Cook Time – 20 Mins             Total Time – 35 Mins              Servings – 4

Ingredients –

For Dhokli

  • Besan (Gram Flour) – 1 Cup
  • Wheat Flour – ½ Cup
  • Red Chilli Powder – 1 Tbsp
  • Salt to Taste
  • Asafoetida (Hing) – Pinch
  • Turmeric Powder – ½ Tsp.
  • Cumin Powder – 1 Tsp.
  • Carom Seeds (Ajwain) – 1 Tsp.
  • Oil – 3 Tbsp.
  • Water – ½ Cup

For Dal

  • Chilka Moong Dal (Green Gram, split, with skin) – ½ Cup
  • Yellow Moong Dal (Green Gram, Split) – ½ Cup
  • Oil – 4 Tbsp.
  • Asafoetida – Pinch
  • Mustard Seeds – 1 Tsp.
  • Cumin Seeds – 1 Tsp.
  • Fennel Seeds – 1 Tsp.
  • Red Chilli Powder – 2 ½ Tbsp.
  • Coriander Powder – 1 Tbsp.
  • Turmeric Powder – 1 Tsp.
  • Salt to Taste
  • Water – 4 Cups

Method –

For Dhokli

  1. Take both flours in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add asafoetida, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder and carom seeds.
  3. Add oil and with the help of water knead dough.
  4. Now divide dough into three small balls.
  5. Roll one ball at a time and with the help of knife cut it in the shape of square.

For Dal

  1. Wash both dal 2-3 times and soak them in fresh water for 15 mins.
  2. Heat oil in a Pressure Cooker.
  3. Add asafoetida, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and fennel seeds.
  4. On crackling of seeds, add red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt and with the help of ½ Cup of water cook all spices.
  5. Now add soaked dal and remaining water and cook it until one boil.
  6. Now add dhoklis and cover the cooker with lid.
  7. Now for 10 mins. or till one whistle cook dal dhokli on high flame and after that low the flame and cook it for another 10 mins.
  8. Garnish dal dhokli with onion, lemon slice and coriander leaves.


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Today I am very excited to post this blog because I have been nominated for Liebstar Award. At the time of joining WordPress I have never thought that I will get such appreciation for my work. Thank you to everybody for believing me and following me.

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So here are questions and my answers to them:

Q1. What is your long term goal?

My long term goal is to learn more of different types of cuisine and share with you everybody.

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My short term goal is to get atleast 10 – 20 followers every month.

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 I do not watch Hollywood Movies.

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Actually I don’t read much but sometimes I like to read Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi and R.K. Narayan. Their books are really motivational.

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Money is important to me but not more than my family and health.

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I live in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India). It is very beautiful place and known as City of Lakes. Please do visit this place you will really enjoy.

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Give it to a charity because “Smile is Charity” and it will give more happiness to me as compared to keeping it myself.

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My favorite holiday destination changes every time after I visit some place. My current favorite is Manali (Himachal Pradesh, India) and it’s like a heaven on earth.

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My favorite Blogger is Bhavana from Colourfulcanvass ( Her and her daughter’s creativity is beautiful. Do visit her blog.

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I see myself as a successful blogger sharing yummy recipes with my thousands of followers.

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