Hot & Sour Soup | Winter Special – Recipe No. 59

Hot and Sour Soup is a Chinese Soup. It is spicy, sour and hot. The best time to have this soup is Winter Season. Hot soup in chilly weather, this sounds too good. Winter season is my favorite season and to have hot soup in this season is like Icing on the Cake. During winter season, Hot and Sour Soup and Tomato Soup are the most preferred and liked soup at my home. It is very easy to make as all the elements used in this soup is easily available in market. It is healthy also as lot of vegetables are used in this soup.

Step –  by – Step Video of Hot &  Sour Soup

Prep Time20 Mins             Cook Time20 Mins             Serving4

Ingredients –

  1. Finely Chopped Garlic – 1 Tbsp.
  2. Finely Chopped Green Chilli – 1 Tbsp.
  3. Finely Chopped Cabbage – 1 Cup
  4. Finely Chopped Carrot – 1 Cup
  5. Finely Chopped Spring Onions, White – ½ Cup
  6. Vegetable Stock – 3 ½ Cups
  7. Vinegar – 3 Tsp.
  8. Soy Sauce – 3 Tsp.
  9. Green Chilli Sauce – 3 Tsp.
  10. Cornflour – 3 Tbsp.
  11. Salt to Taste
  12. Black Pepper Powder to Taste
  13. Oil – 4 Tbsp.

Hot & Sour Soup

Method – 

  1. Heat oil in a pan.
  2. Add green chillies and garlic and sauté them for 2-3 mins.
  3. Add cabbage, carrot and spring onions white and sauté all vegetables for 10 mins.
  4. Add vinegar, soy sauce and green chilli sauce and mix vegetables with sauces properly.
  5. Add salt and black pepper powder and mix.
  6. Add in vegetable stock
  7. Mix 3 tbsp. of cornflour with 3-4 tbsp. of water and add it to soup and mix well.
  8. Cook soup till one boil.
  9. Enjoy Hot & Sour Soup in this Winter Season.

Step – by – Step pictures of the process to make Hot & Sour Soup


Tips – 

  1. Vegetable Stock – Boil roughly chopped vegetables like carrot, cabbage, onions, capsicum, green chillies or any other of your choice in 6 Cups of water till it reduces to 3 ½ Cups.
  2. Spices can be adjusted according to your taste.
  3. I have used carrot, cabbage and spring onion. You can skip some of this vegetable and add other as per your liking like capsicum, beans, and mushrooms. If you don’t have spring onion, you can add plain onions also.

Enjoy Hot & Sour Soup in this Winter Season and share your feedback with me. See you all next time with new recipe. 

Happy Cooking!

Stay Happy!

Stay Healthy!



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