Anardana Aloo | Potato Recipe – Recipe No. 64

Bored of eating same potato recipes, today I am sharing with you all new recipe of potato i.e. Anardana Aloo. It is delicious and lip smacking potato recipe. It is very easy and quick recipe and everyone who has tasted it liked it a lot.

Anardana is a dry pomegranate seed which is easily available in market or if you don’t get it in market you can make it at home also. Anardana Aloo recipe requires preparation of anardana masala. It is very easy to prepare.  It can be made in bulk and can be stored in air tight container for long period.

Because of the tanginess of anardana, recipe will be little tangy. It will be spicy also because of different spices used in this recipe.

Step – by – Step video of Anardana Aloo

Prep Time – 20 Mins            Cook Time – 15 Mins             Serving – 4

Ingredients – 

  1. Par Boiled Potatoes – 10 Nos.
  2. Green Chillies – 3
  3. Garlic Cloves – 10-12
  4. Oil – 5 Tbsp.
  5. Asafoetida – Pinch
  6. Mustard Seeds – ½ Tsp.
  7. Cumin Seeds – ½ Tsp.
  8. Fennel Seeds – ½ Tsp.
  9. Anardana Masala – 5 Tbsp.
  10. Salt to Taste
  11. Garam Masala – 1 Tbsp.
  12. Turmeric Powder – ½ Tsp.
  13. Water – 3 Tbsp.

Anardana Masala (will make 1 cup) –

  1. Anardana (Dry Pomegranate Seeds) – 1 Cup
  2. Coriander Seeds – ¼ Cup
  3. Whole Dry Red Chilli – 10
  4. Cinnamon (Dalchini) – 2 Small Pieces


Method – 

  1. Dry roast anardana, coriander seeds, whole dry red chilli and dalchini on low flame for 15-20 mins.
  2. Allow them to cool down completely and grind them to a fine powder.
  3. Prepare a paste of onion, green chilli and garlic cloves.
  4. Cut boiled potatoes into small cubes and deep fry them.
  5. Heat oil in a wok and add asafoetida, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and fennel seeds.
  6. On crackling of seeds, add onion + green chilli + garlic paste and cook it for 5 mins.
  7. Add prepared anardana masala and mix.
  8. Add salt, turmeric powder and garam masala and mix
  9. Add water and cook masala for 5 mins.
  10. Add fried pieces of potatoes and mix and cook for few more mins.
  11. Garnish Anardana Aloo with onion and green chilli and serve


Enjoy this lip smacking Indian recipe and share your feedback with me.

Happy Cooking!

Stay Happy!

Stay Healthy!



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