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Veg. Burger | Veggie Burger | Recipe No. 110

Veg Burger is a popular snack recipe in India. Although its origin is not India but it is the most liked snack recipe which is very popular among all age groups. It can be a perfect party snack which can be served with French fries or potato chips and different mocktails and cocktails.

You can get burgers easily at different food joints but the burgers prepared at home taste far better as compared to the burgers available at food joints. It is extremely easy to prepare burgers at home. Process includes two easy steps – First step is to prepare veg pattie and second step is to assemble the burger.


Pattie which I have prepared here is a mix vegetable pattie whose main ingredient is potato. Other vegetable which I have used is peas and carrot. You can also use beans and soya. Infact instead of potato, soya can also be used as a main ingredient for pattie. It will be a healthy option.

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Serving – 8 Burgers

Ingredients –

For Potato Pattie

  1. Boiled and Mashed Potatoes – 3 Cups
  2. Green Peas – ¾ Cup
  3. Grated Carrot – ¾ Cup
  4. Breadcrumbs – 2 Cups
  5. Salt to Taste
  6. Garam Masala – 2 Tsp.
  7. Red Chilli Powder – 4 Tsp.
  8. Oil for Shallow Frying


  1. Burger Bun – 8
  2. Oil
  3. Cheese Slice
  4. Mayonnaise
  5. Hot and Sweet Chilli Sauce
  6. Sliced Tomatoes
  7. Sliced Onions
  8. Cabbage Leaves
  9. Potato Chips
  10. Some Toothpicks


Instructions –

  • Take boiled and mashed potato in a mixing bowl and add in green peas and grated carrots.
  • Add in breadcrumbs, salt, red chilli powder and garam masala and mix all ingredients properly.


  • Now make medium size patties from the potato mixture.
  • Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry all patties till they are golden brown from both sides.


  • Slit burger bun from middle and toast both part from both sides with the help of oil.


  • Now take bottom side of burger bun and apply some mayonnaise on it.
  • Place one cabbage leaf on it and top it with onion and tomato slice.
  • Place potato pattie and cheese slice on it and again top it with onion and tomato slice.
  • Apply some hot and sweet chilli sauce on another part of the burger bun and place it on onion and tomato slice and seal the burger with toothpick.


  • Serve Veg Burger with some potato chips and tomato ketchup.



Please try this recipe and share your feedback in comment box. Share this recipe with your friends and relatives.

Happy Cooking!

Stay Happy!

Stay Healthy!


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