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Oreo Milkshake | Recipe No. 111

Nowadays Oreo Milkshake is very popular milkshake which you will find in every restaurants and cafes and even in events like birthday parties, kitty parties, marriages etc. The recipe is very easy to make, delicious and even your kids can make it. It is a perfect recipe for these hot summer days. 

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Serving – 4

Ingredients –

  1. Oreo Biscuits – 150 Gms Packet
  2. Milk – 3 Cups
  3. Vanilla Ice Cream – 2 Cups
  4. Whipped Cream – For Garnishing
  5. Chocolate Sauce – ¼ Cup + For Decorating
  6. Crushed Oreo Biscuits – For Decorating



  1. Take a grinder jar and add in oreo biscuits, milk, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and grind them. Consistency should neither be too thick nor too thin.
  2. Decorate glass with chocolate sauce and crushed oreo biscuit and pour milkshake in it.
  3. Garnish it with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, crushed oreo biscuit and oreo biscuit.


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