Chutneys (Indian Dip)


Let’s make something hot and spicy and i.e. Red Chilli Chutney. It is one of my favorite chutney. I use to make it in a bulk and store in fridge so that I can enjoy it for long. It is made from dry red chillies which enhances the flavor of many Indian food items.


  1. Grinder

Prep Time – 30 Mins              Cook Time – 15 Mins              Total Time – 45 Mins           Serving – 2 Cup


  1. Whole Dry Red Chilli – 20-25
  2. Garlic Cloves – 12-15
  3. Salt to Taste
  4. Oil – 4 Tbsp.

Method –

  1. Soak red chillies in water for 30 mins.
  2. Take a grinder and add in soaked red chillies, garlic and salt and grind them with water (around 3 tbsp. or more can be added depending on how liquid you want the chutney to be)
  3. Heat oil in wok and add chutney in it and cook it well for 10 mins.
  4. Serve it with any food of your choice.

Tip – Sautéing chutney is totally optional. But if sautéed in oil, it will give nice color, taste and texture to chutney.


Enjoy hot and spicy chutney and follow my blogs for more such recipes

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